How to Shop for Winter Essentials

When winter hits, it's important to have the right essentials to keep you safe, healthy, and happy. If you've never lived in a cold place through the winter, it can be a big shock how much you need to buy! Shopping for winter essentials can seem overwhelming. But really, it's no harder than buying supplies for a summer camping trip. You just need to know what to buy and how to use it. For example, did you know you can buy things to keep your house warm without using extra utilities? Read on.

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The Right Clothing

A big part of shopping for winter is to ensure you stay warm. From indoor heating and clothing to outdoor winter gear, learn what to buy under “Winter Clothes.”

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Buy It Once

I am a believer in the “Buy it once, buy it right” rule. While some winter essentials (like nice materials to can food, good housing insulation, or a winter coat) are expensive, buy them once.